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The Health Store are committed to compliance with our ethical trading code which consists of the following criteria:

We support workers and suppliers to seek training and to follow our policy and we aim to source goods at the best possible quality and price within acceptable and ethical parameters and goods must fulfil our buying policy criteria including:

Even in industries where forced labour is not used, wages that are below a living wage can make workers families vulnerable to traffickers and although we believe that certification is not a guarantee we believe it does, at least, provide transparency so that the supply chain can be traced back to its origin.

At The Health Store we acknowledge our responsibility to the people engaged by our suppliers and where possible encourage our suppliers to engage with our ethical trading standards and buying policy and our codes of practice and if we discover unsatisfactory breaches report such breaches to the authorities and cease trading with such suppliers. We support and give preference to fair trade arrangements across all sourcing locations around the world.

Where possible we operate audits of our products to ensure there is no slavery or trafficking in our supply chain and we will update our approach constantly to ensure we keep appraised of all changes.

Agreed by the Board of Directors and committed to the Company’s operation